Friday, March 3, 2017

3 Ways to Improve Reputation of Your Business with Customers

After creating a high-quality product, hiring experienced and professional staff and launching your business, you might think that a great reputation will naturally follow. However, modern day businesses are struggling to build that rapport and trusting connection with the customer. There are number of ways that you can improve the perception of your business though, no matter what your size or budget. Here are the top three to get you started…

1) Invest in a good website

Gone are the days when companies could get away with a single homepage with static content. When a consumer comes across your advertising or hears your name, they will instantly search for you online before making any action to get in touch with you. Your website today is a symbol of you as a company, so if it’s out of date, they’ll think the same about you, your ideas and your products. Seen as well-functioning and bespoke websites can be created even on the smallest budget these days, there really is no excuse for you losing out to the competition.

2) Create strong social media presence

If a website comes first, then an active social media presence is the second most crucial part of running a modern business. By creating social media accounts, you’re reaching out directly to the consumer and to the industry, so the wealth of knowledge you can receive about them (as well as what they think of you) is limitless. It can also become a strong feature in your customer service team, as statistics suggest that 33% of customers prefer to contact companies via social media channels rather than by telephone. If you aren’t regularly active where your customer is, this could have massive implications for your reputation.

3) Keep your staff well-trained

Speaking of customer service, have you thought about your staff in terms of the perception they are giving people? Do you keep them up to date on product specifications and new launches? Do you ensure that they’re given regular development sessions and career opportunities? As a business, you want to grow and develop, but the same goes for your staff. If you don’t make sure that they’re motivated to help customers and that their knowledge is of the highest standard, they could be giving bad customer service and sending out the wrong messages about your company.

While your staff creates one kind of image, it’s up to you to make sure that all clients and customers who come into contact with you are reminded of your expertise, your professionalism and your integrity. Creating this image can come in many forms, from top-quality business cards to a great company car for those important business meetings. Don’t let your image let you down before signing that next contract.

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